PVW records at Capitol Studios, Hollywood

Originally on FB - March 6 - 2013

Hello FB friends

I usually wait for others to put pictures of me on the internet - but I am so thrilled and blown away with the last week - that I must dive in and tell the entire world what has happened. I know you all are breathlessly waiting.

Last week - I got to record my new CD - (called SWANKY) a labor of love - with the most amazing people. Many of them I have known for many years - and we have grown together musically and as friends.

They came from Hawaii and L.A and we all met up at Capitol studios in Hollywood - where I used to work on records as an engineer.

 My dear friend, mentor, pal, sponsor into the Recording Academy, Al Schmitt - recorded us - with the help of the amazing Steve Genewick and the Capitol crew. Al is a legend in the biz (look him up - you will be impressed) - and is a gracious, funny, encouraging man - who makes everybody sound great and feel comfortable. Steve is a mastermind of the control room and the studio and makes it all work without a hitch.

 Many of the musicians are my best friends - and they continually blow me away with their love, support...and patience with me....as I take this strange wonderful journey.

 I could write a book about all that happened that day..... but i'll just show a few pictures and keep working on the CD. We recorded a lot - and shot a lot of video and pics. maybe we can do a video documentary down the road.

 All of the players, crew, family and friends had a pretty swell time - and I think we got some great music out of it.... ok enough hype.... i'll put some music clips up soon. thanks again to all involved - there is no way i can repay you.... but I'll give it a shot....... this is a lot of fun....the adventure continues....

 Harry Donahue-piano, Fred Sokolow-guitar,uke, Richard Simon - bass, Lee Spath-drums, Adrian Rosen -bass, Pierre Grill-piano, accordion, Ginai - chanteuse, Duane Padilla-violin, Bill Champlin-bg vocals - Rusty Higgins-clarinet - Tommy Davey-guitar, Brian Messner-cameras - Georgiana Lotfy-cameras - Julia von Wiegandt - production assistant & being cute in the control room. Al Schmitt-Recording engineer, mixer, captain of the ship....Steve Genewick - engineer, mastermind, Paula Salvatore-mgr Capitol studios, Rick and the other guys at Capitol - thanks to all who showed up and enjoyed the show......


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