Patrick von Wiegandt

Hollywood Happenings


 "I think it's a masterpiece of immense quality. Your voice is hypnotic simply great. this time period of my life you are my sound-track.  I wanted to congratulate you for the beauty of your work and your album."

OKC - Rose Gazette

With the Bowler hat on the cover and first line of Swanky, I knew this was going to be a stellar CD, all the way through. I exclaimed in delight, over an unexpected bit of relevancy. It is absolutely a priceless gem, faithfully re-creating, not only the phenomenal instrumental artistry of the past, but the sweet, carefree atmosphere! (True confession--I had to do a little Charleston, about halfway through!) I couldn't help noticing the background music is exactly what it should be, and mixed expertly. Challenging vocals are perfectly in time, and relaxed. The emotional tone is reminiscent--and there are plenty of hilarious surprises. The end is special, too. Don't miss this one!

Del Martian Chronicle

“Swanky is a mood...a presence...a voice. Swanky is a fresh take on some of the most elegant, engaging and absolutely wonderful songs ever composed. Singer Patrick Von Wiegandt takes us on an affectionate musical tour of the Jazz Age and the Big Band era. Legendary Engineer/Mixer, Al Schmitt supervised the recording at Capitol Studios, Hollywood.